The Nutritional Development Services (NDS) makes the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program available at no cost to Catholic, Charter, and other private schools throughout the five counties of the southeastern Pennsylvania. Meals are available at no cost when schools enroll in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).
Here’s what you need to know under the NDS program:
  • We are able to offer breakfast and lunch to all students at no cost this year.
  • The application process that took place every fall has been eliminated.
  • This means that no family will have to submit an application for free or reduced-price meals this year.

Congress created this program in school year 2014-15 to provide equity among children during mealtime.

CEP increases access to healthy meals by eliminating the need for an annual household application based on family income. Parents no longer need to worry about packing a lunch, because they know balanced meals are offered at no cost every day. Instead of collecting order envelopes several weeks in advance, students have the flexibility to decide each morning whether they will eat school lunch.

Without money collection and accounting, breakfast and lunch managers are free to focus on preparing nutritious meals. CEP increases participation in breakfast and lunch across schools at every socio-economic level by providing equal access to healthy meals to all students.

Kids at school eating lunch

In addition, all schools will see the following changes that improve the nutritional quality of meals and are in line with recommendations from the National Institutes of Health:

  • Breakfast will include two (2) choices of fruit every day. This will help your child reach the goal of "5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day" for better health.
  • Lunch will be lower in sodium. This is in line with health recommendations for sodium.

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