Our Elementary School houses our Grades K-5. The Elementary School was newly constructed in August of 2020 and officially housed our students in January 2022.

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Most events and after school practices are conducted in the Elementary School.

Our Middle School houses our Grades 6-8.

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AFPCS Fun Facts!

  • It was founded in 1998 by the Women's Christian Alliance, a social service agency serving the North Philadelphia community for more than 90 years.
  • Marilyn Rivers, who was the Executive Director for the Women’s Christian Alliance, was one of the co-founders and Charter Author along with co-founder Floyd Alston. Floyd Alton was a highly established businessman and pillar of the Philadelphia community for more than 40 years.
  • The school started as a K-5 program, housing 296 students back in the early 2000s and has advanced to K-8 programming with current enrollment at 636 students.
  • Previously located on 16th street, the Alliance for Progress Charter School has expanded over the years with the last, successful charter renewal in 2022.
  • The vision for AFPCS was and still is to give students in our community the opportunity to develop knowledge that would empower them to become lifetime learners and achievers of their goals. By providing a rich, integrated curriculum to students, we teach them to invest in themselves as individuals and as members of their community